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Through generous contributions to our Kickstarter Campaign, the following people made it possible for Atomic Pizza to move to its new location!


Garden Place

Kerry and Mark

Jenn and Gerry

Cynthia Sulaski and Jim Heiman

Mitch and Carrie Elske

Rockford East High School Class of 1963

Tim Fogg

Michael and Tammy Meyer

Patti Abraham

Lelio Montagnoli

Adam Forzley

Albert Hoguet

Katy Campbell

Timothy Williams

Dan Larsen

Bryan and Kelly Wigginton

Justin D Nicholls

Bryan Edgington

Bob Saum

Kris Forzley

Sparrow Nigel Juniper Ingri Bruce

Desmondo Jose Ruiz

Berry Family

Henry “Enzo” Adam Omey


Hideko, Lucas, and Michael Forzley

Blake Goud


Mike, Lani, Kate, and Matthew VanHoomissen

Homebrew Exchange

Jones Family

Tamar More and Zac Imboden

John and Susan


Steve Lanigan

Lisa Talarico

Jigsaw Graphics

Hadley Family

Mair Lowery Family

Aaron and Becka

Oregon Buddhist Temple

Duane And Trudy

Archie, Melissa & Tyler Ashcraft

Dearborn Family

Bill Niemeyer and Allison Duncan

Kyle Weismann-Yee

Denice and Quay Mcmillin

Chad Schermerhorn and Christine Lasich

Lon Lasher

Cheri Clark, Queen of Everything at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop

Ian Shaw – Echo Printworks

Todd Family

Mark and Kerry

The Lauten Family

Laura Polich

The Chisholm Family

Ginger and Bob

Kevin McClure

Nordin Family

The Jorgensons

Macy and Jack Martin

Camille, Rhett and LeeAnn


Jodi Rafkin

The Wicks


Brandy Rautenkranz

Wendell C Hammon III

Sam Carroll

Ed and Sharon

Kirk Goodwin and Rachael Langtry

Ellen and Paige Wolff-Cloud

Cathey Briggs

Mike Suri

Tara Knierim

Jennifer, Helen, Owen, and Luke

Michelle and Pete

The Mayer Family

Jason Monfort

Gibson Glass

The Chesneks

Justin Garfield

Octavo, Cathie and Jessie

Michael Scott

Gabriel, Jennifer, and Amélie Boehmer

Maggie Weller & Emily Saxton

Tim Tate and Pam Mullins

Dyon Martin

Mark Nicholas

Caton Gates

Miguel, Pam and Doug

Chad Butler

Miles Gersten

Loeffler Family


Ron and Leslie Keller

Larry Gregg and Melissa George

Abbey and Chris Fujiyoshi

Aidan and Enya Hurtt

Swan Family


Cecil Scroggins

Ed Cunningham and Jeff Fisher

Harper and Lennon Goldberg

Michele Meulendyk

Emily, Rob, Max and Samantha

Pam and Fred Bauman

Steve Dehlinger and Kate Dopheide

Doug Whyte and Cheryl Stryker-Whyte

Echo Printworks

Katie, Jesse and Ruby Guinn

North Portland Community Works

Jenn Farmer

Jackson Katsumi Nakadate

Greg and Jennifer

The Old Gold

Jennifer Basham

Serenity Stillwell

Stephanie (Anie) Cartier

Carrie and Wendi

Ali Mondragon


The Schuette Family

Steve Lori and Caleb Lane

Roger Braunstein

Brad Clark

Wendy, Mark, Brady, and Colby

Joe Saito

Abe Walsh

Danny McCarthy

Jane Finch-Howell

Secret Aardvark Trading Co.

Matt Scoggin

Chad Freitag

Wendy Godel

Get Juiced-Billings, MT

Tess Kelly

Larison Family

Scott and Mari Kesselring

Robert Downey Jr.

Adria Fabbri

Felix Miller

Danny Trujillo

The Parks Family

Brent and April Hubbard

Monica McCarthy

Chris Albee

Jacob Keller

Kevin Winter

Kathie Brandini

Heather Kelez

The Michael Abraham Family

Jabin and Janet Tangeman


Matthew Subotnick

Beth Clyman PTFC!