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 Sonja Marie

About me…

My name is Sonja Marie and I am a photographer based in Olympia, WA and while I love photography, becoming a photographer was not something I planned on.

Life and family and nursing school took a front seat (happily) until 3 years ago I decided to pursue my enjoyment of photography and nature and blend the two together.  I saved for my first “real” camera and was hooked the moment I pressed the shutter button.

As a PNW native, I am in love with our mountains, forests, waterfalls and beaches. I try to take full advantage of the abundance of nature that we have in our region and get out as much as life allows. The best part is, I never have to go far!

While my work now primarily focuses on landscape and wildlife photography, my other interests are in sports (particularly soccer) and portraits.

I aspire to not only capture a great photo but to tell the story of that brief moment in time; to capture the emotion; to have the viewer feel they are also there enjoying what I am.

When I see “the money shot” in my viewfinder, whether it be a mountain, animal, or person, I’m like a kid in the candy store and I can’t wait to share it with you!


You can see more and contact them here:

Sonja Marie Photography

Phone: 360-972-4599


Instagram: sonjamariephoto


Venmo: Sonja-Purtteman




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