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 Micah Krock

Micah Krock is a single dad living in Portland, Oregon. Except for his kids, he never stops thinking about new painting ideas. It’s his lifeblood. His secret energy inside that propels him forward into the unknown. Good or bad, He learns from every surprise while painting.

Micah graduated with a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design in 2001. In college, he concentrated on drawing and painting figures and portraits. He found that the true likeness of his subjects was not achieved by copying their appearances realistically, but rather by exaggerating their features a little with an expressive stroke, to really capture the core essence and play with how they “really” looked to him.

Micah still loves painting the portrait and figure, but since moving to Portland in 2003, he has also found inspiration in the bridges and buildings of it’s cityscape. Applying some of the same expressive and exaggerated techniques, Micah has created portraits of buildings full of character and added a living energy to the stationary bodies of    bridges around Portland.

He likes to let the structures dance.


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