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Mark Cheyne


My name’s Mark Cheyne. I’m a mechanical engineer by degree and an artist by nature. I’ve enjoyed many passions in my life. Many different hobbies have entertained me. One persists. Photography. More than anything else, it is something that surges in my veins.

I learned what photography really was on a three month backpacking trip, encompassing 17 countries around western and eastern Europe, shortly after graduating with an engineering degree. I went alone with only a backpack and a film camera. I learned several things during the trip; I disliked crowded areas and found that with my camera I could journey off the beaten path with no plan while avoiding the crowds. I really only had two plans; one was to get from London to Rome in three months and the other was to find the next photograph. This was in the early days of digital photography and I stuck with a film camera that forced extra discretion when taking a shot. I’m glad I did. I truly believe that journey opened my mind and that discretion nurtured my love for photography.

A decade later, I’m still passionate about photography, but I’ve moved on from that little film camera I had in Europe. Now I use digital SLR cameras, a pack full of lenses, and a tripod. My first SLR was a Nikon D300 and now I’m on to a Nikon D800. I try to take my camera on all my journeys; whether it be a vacation, hike, or backpacking trip.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taken the shots I have. I hope I can pass my passion to you through my photographs. Enjoy.



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